⠀animanga⠀ csm, aot, naruto, nge, dr. stone, kny, danganronpa, to your eternity, spyxfamily, furuba, ohshc, noragami, death note, tokyo ghoul, +

⠀favs⠀ power, denji, eren, konan, neji, mikasa, naruto, sasha, hange, himeno, yato, anya yor, asuka, gen, fushi, madara, sesshomaru, light

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(1) mainly anime (2) heavy cursing (3) i make kms/kys jokes (4) not spoiler free (5) i hate men (6) i also talk about books and my personal life (7) english is not my first language so expect grammatical errors
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(1) misogynists (2) hate my fav characters and shows (3) you HATE EREN (4) hardcore levi fangirls and eruri shippers (5) miserable aot ending hater (6) sensitive and can't take a joke
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